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How is AisleBbeautiful different?


So I’m a one man band, I occasionally use my husband for help but apart from that, it’s just me. With this, I only take on a certain amount of events each year so that you can get 100% devotion to your event. I’ll never be distracted, stressed out or too busy. You’ll never be palmed off to an associate.

I only want to produce events that translate my enthusiasm and passion and leave you, 100% happy.



My name is Sophie and I’m the creator, director and owner of Aislebbeautiful. I wanted to introduce myself so that you get to know the face behind the brand.

I was born in the UK and moved to NZ in 2016, looking for a better quality of life and to start a brand new journey. I moved over with my, then, boyfriend who is now my husband and we couldn’t be happier.

So who is Sophie? Well I’m a people-centered creator with a focus on possibilities and contagious enthusiasm for new ideas, people and activities. I’ve been described as hard-working, passionate , creative, innovative and organised, which is pretty accurate! I’m certainly happiest when I’m creating and watching your reaction to my designs.

After planning my own wedding in 2018, i understood the difficulties Brides faced;  It was time consuming, energy consuming, pricey and at times, tedious. However, I enjoyed it and every single second of it! It was then, the light bulb moment, that made me question whether I could do this as a career. I already had a degree in Interior Design so I knew, I had the creative nous for it!

Great design evokes emotions and memories. I want to tell your story through my design. Working together , with you to create a concept using modern and stylish elements for your event.

March 2020, NZ goes into lockdown and I decided it was time to take action, so I undertook a diploma with The Wedding Academy to become a Wedding Planner & Stylist. August 2020, Aislebbeautiful was born!

How It All Started!

Aislebbeautiful was born in a time of uncertainty but what is more certain than love? Love is a gift and comes in many forms and I wanted to remind people there is still so much to celebrate in the world. That’s why I want to work with you to create special memories from special moments. From weddings, marriage proposals to baby showers, ABB will turn any event into a wonderful memory. 

Specialising in design, Aislebbeautiful also offers downloadable planners, hen party games and wedding list must haves. I am also a fully qualified planner with packages to suit all wedding; elopements, partial planning, full planning and Month of coordination.


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Meet Sophie

Founder of AIsleBbeautiful Sophie Robinson-West

A fun –  loving , bubbly, creative and bold boss babe.

What would your friends describe you as? I’ve always wanted to be described as something I’m proud to be. That’s just it ! I’m proud of my traits and my business and that’s why I ensure every event is as beautiful as the one before. After all, you’re only as good as your last (so I’ve heard) My business is an extension of me and so it HAS to be perfect. 

Apart from being creative, I am someone who has never enjoyed sticking inside a box and conforming to “normal” or ‘tradition”. We are all born unique and I believe we should stay that way!

*Unique doesn’t have to mean ‘out there’ , ‘whimsical’ or even ‘alien’. But I would like my designs to be described as ‘out of this world’.

What type of person am I?

I love the gym at 6am, walking on the beach, drinking gin with friends, grazing platters with wine and doing all of the above with my husband! 

My business persona has a level up from the everyday Sophie. Business Sophie is hardworking, focused and passionate. It’s hard to turn her off when I’m off the clock and you’ll often see me at the gym, working (sending emails, replying to Insta messages), in-between sets!