Here are a few of our testimonials from brides on our services so far:

@aislebbeautiful ‘s new Dream Wedding Planner! I will! I didn’t really use a planner in the past, mostly just making my own sheets as I went. But now that the wedding has been pushed back, I think it’ll be good to write it all down and re-evaluate everything now that the wedding is postponed ♥️ it has a lot of good checklists, notes pages, encouraging quotes, and other things to keep you on track. If you’re interested and want a bright, cheerful, motivating planner (Message aislebbeautiful

Sophie Edens- ( The Wedding Tracker)

I couldn’t have done this without you , you’ve been a great help.

Lucy Easton – (Wedding Planning)

Can’t recommend Sophie enough! Perfectly captured what I was looking for! Thank you so much for all your help and advice 

Amanda Taylor – (Vision board)

Thank you so much. Your so lovely & this is perfect. 💝💗 Xx

Robyn – (Vision board)

Amazing. Thank you so much for doing this. Great to work with and really listened to all my ideas 

@summerbride2021- (Vision board)

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