Love your humble animals

I’m told it’s unusual to see four fawns together, all skinny stilts and big ears and spots and not yet savvy about things like streets. Fawns and such have been a relief this week from the blaring dreariness of what humans have been up to.

New York, Old York

Anyone who’s spent a fair amount of time in the world’s hostel dormitories will have met the culprit. He sits there on the bottom bunk, emaciated tanned limbs protruding from a Bintang vest and a pair of baggy pyjama trousers printed with a flailing dragon, and then he starts to witter. Go to Chinatown, alone, […]

Those beats are made for listening

Of all the places I’ve ever done gongfu tea, my very favorite is my uncle’s living room. A true tea connoisseur, he took a personal interest in educating me and my American partner about tea during our last visit to my hometown of Fuzhou. And then again, I am ruining the Tea Road by being […]

Daydreaming on Church St.

Nothing excites me more than the split of second when I visualise something in mind which I have never ever possibly imagine before. I am so afraid to miss that fragment of vision, I will have to sketch it down immediately in my book. And this above, is that vision I have been keeping for a […]

Fresh and salty mornings

After an extensive European tour with artists such as Massive Attack, Morcheeba and Apollo 440, and a tour opening for Fiona Apple in the United States in 1997, the band released Blue Wonder Power Milk.

Meeting places across New York

Sometimes the hikes would last as long as three hours. Lighting at the locations — which were not always planned out — meant the images themselves are also largely the result of nature’s whims. The issue for me is that after this period the city falls back to sleep again. More specifically, during Christmas people seem to rack their […]