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Ways to wow your wedding guests

Today, brides are feeling more and more pressure to find new innovative ways to wow their wedding guests.

Many brides are going down the DIY route to find new ways to personalise key elements of their day. Many have joined ‘Cricut’ groups on Facebook to personalise their stationary , champagne flutes to bridesmaid robes.

It’s no coincidence that many are starting to go down this route as everyone loves a personalised gift. It makes them feel special and to know it’s homemade by the bride is even better!

Let’s take a look at some of the top trending ways to wow your wedding guests and some more original ways;

Innovative ways to style your ceremony

  • Who said that we need the tradition straight aisle inbetween rows of chairs? There are literally 100s of ways to style your ceremony so that you can achieve something completely different & unique. Take a look at this ceremony style from Martha Stewart Weddings – they have turned tradition on it’s head and the bride will walk the aisle infront of the guest’s seats maybe it will curve around or even end up as a perfect circle with the couple in the middle. However, can you imagine your guests’ faces when they see this setup ? It won’t be what they’re expecting that’s for sure!

    Martha Stewart Weddings curved ceremony
  • When it comes to the reception , everyone loves a boogie when their favorite song comes on. So why not ensure their boogie hit makes the dancefloor? You could include these gorgeous little song request cards from Zazzle.com for guests to fill out when they receive their invite. That way, once it comes to the wedding, they will probably have forgotten all about it and will be floored ( pardon the pun!) when they hear their song! 
    A song request card to include in your invites


Dianne Decor gave me some great inspiration with these gorgeous unique wedding favours. Your guests will love the personalized touch and effort you have gone to in order to provide something special for them to takeaway at the end of the day.  You can take this idea and run with it, the possibilities are endless; homemade hot chocolate, flower seeds etc

Smores Wedding Favours for a real personalised touch


  • To really make an impact on guest entry , I suggest making a showpiece, something that really stands out. Florals are a great way to do this and the bigger the display , the bigger the impact. Look at these florals from Wedding forward or the display of Preston Bailey and how they have totally transformed the table into something truely beautiful. Your guests are going to be stood in awe!
    ways to wow your wedding guests
    Florals that create an impact
    Ways to wow your wedding guests
    Preston Bailey floral impact

    Take a look at other examples of Preston’s work, here.


  • On a personalised note, again. Your guests are here to see you both be married. this day is about the two of you and everything you become together. So why not share that with your guests in a beautiful and slightly humorous way of inviting them into your past.  This image embraces the couple’s past by using the table numbers as an excuse to share their baby pictures at that age. Guests will have fun reminiscing and imagining you at that age. They sure will be bowled over to see BOTH your baby pictures!
    Ways to wow your wedding guests
    Baby pictures to match the table numbers


    Example of AisleBbeautiful 

  • This is a personal favourite of mine and why wouldn’t it be? It’s one of my own! A wedding theme can really transform a wedding from an event to a memorable joining of two souls. Wedding themes can really help to tell your story and can glamour up any venue too! Take a look at the Under the Sea themed Styled shoot I did in June 2019. It really made the room pop. The venue was plain and very empty with drab carpets and no real decor. This theme pulled out the carpet colour and made it a accent colour instead of a feature piece by adding a royal blue and a sage green. Clients were very impressed on how something so simple had created such an effect! See more here
    Styled Shoot Under The Sea 
  • Lastly, why not simply astound them with beauty. Simple yet effective. Take a look at the example below, isn’t it just stunning? Guests will be impressed how something so simple and classic can be so beautiful and mostly importantly, how creative you are!
    Ways to wow your wedding guests
    Simple yet effective lavendar candle

    I hope you’ve found some inspiration in these images for ways to wow your wedding guests and it sparks something in you to be creative or fins someone who is. I’d love to know if any of you have tried any of these or if they have given you some inspiration. 

If you need any advice , just want to ask me a question or would like to say hi, please contact me

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