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7 Ways To Save Money At Your Wedding

Hi everyone, @budgetbride2021 here again, discussing money-saving tips when planning your wedding.  With a low budget, I have had to keep my priorities in mind through the planning process.   I am a huge supporter of small businesses and will use them where I can, but I have really focused on the atmosphere of the day, rather than all the little bits.  Try not to lose sight of what you and your partner want. Here’s my tips to save money.


It is easy to get carried away when choosing your bridesmaids and groomsmen.  It helps if they agree to pay for their own dresses, suits, shoes, hair, and makeup but factor in the gifts too.  Usually the couple give gifts on the wedding day, such as personalised hangers, bags, jewellery and so on. These can quickly add up if, like me, you have chosen 8 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen.  Currently, there also seems to be a trend of giving proposal gifts to your bridal party.  Again, these all have an impact on your budget.

Little Tip: If you are struggling to choose who should be included, try to imagine who you want to get ready with the morning of the wedding; same for the groom.  Let’s face it, most of us really look forward to this part.


It is common knowledge through the wedding industry that buffets are more affordable than a three course sit down meal.  This is because you usually only pay for 2/3rds of the guests attending.

Evening food doesn’t have to cost a lot.  Food stations offer great prices for couples and reduces the amount of wasted food at the end of the evening.  We have chosen pop corn and candyfloss because they are easy to eat while drinking, they have a nostalgic smell and we didn’t have to pay per head.  We are also including our wedding cake as part of the evening snacks too.  You could even order takeaway pizza, after all, most places offer buy one, get one free.  Of course, this does all depend on the restrictions of your venue.


I think there is this assumption that couples need to provide their guests with large amounts of alcohol to keep them happy, well I have completely broken this rule, for no other reason than to save money.  If you decide you want welcome drinks, why not treat your guests to a mocktail or lemonade stand.  These can be both refreshing, hydrating, and a focal point while saving you some money too.  If you have a bar on-site, there is nothing stopping guests from purchasing alcohol if they want it.


There always seems to be a little battle between real or artificial flowers.  At first, I was adamant all flowers had to be real.  After a little thought I decided to mix it up a little.  I am now having artificial flowers for the bouquets, flower crowns, and general décor.  This has meant that I can make it all in advance and keep my bouquet in a vase after the wedding.  On the other hand, we wanted real flowers for the centrepieces.  We chose to use a flower farm because they offer great prices.  Whatever is left could then be added to the décor and bouquets the night before.

A side note: DIY does not always mean value for money.  It has worked with me for flowers, but I have had some that have ended up costing me the same, if not more.  This is due to mistakes and technique, so my advice would be, plan your projects.  Budget for a few mistakes to start with.


For those couples who decide to hire a wedding planner, money can be saved through recommendations.  They can reduce the risk of costly mistakes and will save you time and money.  If you decide to source your own suppliers, then social media is a great tool for offering inspiration and connecting you to wonderful people and businesses for your wedding day.

 You can get a really good idea of a business and their customer satisfaction through responses on their social media. It is important to be aware that some suppliers and vendors do not use it because they are too busy; trust me, I had no idea how time consuming social media could be until my partner and I started a business.

There are a lot of giveaways on social media, which include the chance to win freebies for a like, comment or follow ect.  You can save yourself money by entering these giveaways, you have nothing to lose.  Only enter the ones that you really want but you can save a considerable amount of money if you win.


Choosing an arrangement of colours that complement each other, could save you money in the long run.  You could be limited if you have a very small number of colours you would like to use.  Focusing on tones will allow you more freedom for when you find those bargains.

Find some inspiration here


Simple centrepieces do not have to mean boring, just bear in mind that if you have tall ceilings, taller centrepieces will bring the eye up, which will add drama to the the room and make it look fuller.  Smaller centrepieces suit rooms with lower ceilings.  You can add drama through texture and colour.  There is nothing wrong with using what you already have around the house, and recycling materials you don’t need anymore.

I have many more ideas on how you can save money when planning your wedding.  Stay tuned for more tips and ideas.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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