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Wedding Favours That Are Original And Will Keep Your Guests Talking

Wedding favours are still very popular, but it can be challenging deciding on what to include, so I will be sharing a few ideas I think guests will love. The most successful ones have a purpose on your wedding day and can double up as a place name or enhance the venue décor.

Remember, it is completely acceptable to decide not to give wedding favours because your family and friends are there to celebrate your wedding, and do not expect gifts.  Instead, you could put the money towards other aspects of your wedding, such as entertainment.

We originally decided not to have favours, however, we soon realised we could include them into our drinks budget. I have explained a little bit more below. If you do decide to give wedding favours to guests, here are a few ideas.


Environmentally Friendly Ideas

With the whole world becoming more conscious about the environment, there are some great ideas to reduce waste and help support the planet. They can be used to add extra decoration to your wedding tables, and you could choose recyclable materials and packaging to help support the purpose.

  • Little potted plants, herbs, or flowers add extra decoration to your venue, as well as lovely aromas and help the planet.
  • Reusable straws will always be useful and shouldn’t end up in the bin.
  • Seeds are becoming more popular at weddings. They are affordable and the perfect way to give something back to the environment. It may be a good idea to choose flowers that are suited to the season, easy to maintain, and come with instructions, for those guests who, like me, are not so green-fingered.
  • Charity Donations are an excellent way to ensure the money is being spent on a good cause close to your heart and helping others. You could present them any way you want to. Magnets and badges are quite popular however you could reduce extra possible waste, by announcing your intentions on your invitations, wedding website (if you have one), or in the speeches.

Thoughtful Gifts

Sentimental and personalised gifts let your guests know that you have truly thought about them and what they mean to you.

  • Poems can be as long or as short as you like. They could share a memory or feelings relating to the recipient. There are many poets that would be happy to help you create a thoughtful poem for every guest.
  • Seasonal Ornament such as a Christmas bauble can be filled with treats, personalised and used at home.
  • DIY Wedding Soundtrack could include some of the music from your wedding and could even include songs that mean something between you and the recipient.


Practical Favours

With many wedding favours forgotten and eventually ending up in the bin, why not choose a gift which also has a purpose on your wedding day?

  • Drink Tokens can be included in your drinks budget as an alternative to Wine, Prosecco, or Champagne. Rather than toasting to the traditional choices, you could give everybody a token so they can choose their own. Selecting a choice of drinks will help you to have more control of your budget, which is what we have decided to do for our wedding day.
  • Personalised Glasses are a great alternative to plastic cups for weddings in a village hall, garden, or marquee where you may have to provide your own crockery. They reduce the risk of sharing and guests also have a nice glass to take home with them.
  • Hand Sanitiser are perfect little gifts for your guests. With a new appreciation for the importance of these, you can now buy personalised refill bottles and fill them yourselves. Some hand sanitisers have beautiful aromas and moisturise your skin.
  • Soap, Cooling Mist, and Body Sprays are great for favours, especially for those guests who want to freshen up.

Edible Treats

Beautifully presented often get a good response from guests, and usually, they will tuck into them straight away.  It’s pretty safe to say edible gifts aren’t exactly new but they are still a popular choice, so they had to be included.  Everybody loves receiving edible wedding favours so of course, they had to be included.  If you are marrying abroad, you could use local delicacies or products native to the country.  Remember if you decide to make any homemade favours, make sure you factor in enough time and effort to get them all complete.  With so many different options here I am going to keep it brief. 

  • Mints
  • Shots
  • Jars of Jam, Lemon Curd, Chutney
  • Baked Goods
  • Sweets


Ice Breakers

Sometimes guests will be seated with people they don’t know. These are a few ideas that would hopefully get them chatting and break the ice.

  • Scratch cards should get everyone talking to each other, and even after the meal.
  • Table games such as Trivia are fantastic icebreakers because they spark conversation and guests start to get to know each other.


Entertainment, Stations & Baskets

If you decide not to have wedding favours on the table, cool stations add to the experience and baskets or crates double up as decoration, creating displays throughout the venue.

  • Perfume and aftershave bars could be full of samples for guests to try and take home.
  • Sunglasses, Fans, and Flip Flops are great for those hot days or tired feet.
  • Blankets, Umbrellas, and Slippers are an alternative for the winter months. Comfort is everything. Can you imagine snuggling under the stars, wrapped in a warm blanket, or kicking off your heels and dancing the night away in slippers? Bliss!
  • Sparklers are not only fun for everyone, but they also create some fantastic pictures too. This is probably why they have been popular at weddings for a while now.
  • Tattoo or Glitter bars are temporary, fun, and help the transition from day to evening celebrations, especially after a few beverages. Children will love this one too.
  • Drink and food Stations are perfect to get the party started after the meal. You could serve cocktails or prosecco. It doesn’t have to be alcohol; you could serve hot chocolate as an alternative or ice cream and sweets. Anything that works with different flavours is a good choice for guests to get creative and make concoctions.
  • Caricaturists tend to sit in the background, creating funny pictures of your guests to take home.  I think it is important to remember some people may be insecure about certain par; therefore, it may be possible to set a station up somewhere which will give your guests a choice. The pictures could even go into a scrapbook and double as a guestbook.

Lasting Memory

If you want to leave a lasting memory, maybe consider giving the guests their wedding favours when they leave.

  • Midnight snacks are something I would absolutely love for when I got

    home if it even made it past the taxi journey that is. I especially like this idea if guests are staying in accommodation for the wedding.

  • Hangover kit because, let’s be honest, most of us will need this the morning after the wedding.
  • Pet Treats are great for pet owners. These are a unique idea and a perfect way for guests to treat their pets when they get home.

As you can imagine, there are literally so many more ideas out there, but I had to stop somewhere.

Thanks for reading!!



So…What favours have you decided to include in your wedding?

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