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How Covid-19 Has Affected Weddings Around The World

The whole world has been affected by Covid-19 and the Wedding Industry isn’t much different. What used to be an exciting time for families, has been replaced by nerves and uncertainty surrounding weddings.


Many couples have found themselves making difficult decisions.  Should we Postpone? What would we be willing to sacrifice to keep our wedding date?  Should we cancel everything? How much money could we lose? The questions are endless.  There is no wrong or right answer to these because it depends on the couple, and family, nevertheless these questions have caused stress and anxiety.

For many couples, marriage or civil partnerships mark the beginning of their new lives.  Postponing their wedding could mean a delay in buying a house, or having a baby.  Understandably, some couples have decided to postpone for a couple of years because they don’t want to wait any longer.

With some dates moving from Summer to Winter, couples have an opportunity to embrace their new date by incorporating seasonal colours and textures, alternatively, they can throw the rule book out of the window.  I can see future weddings breaking all of the rules about summer and winter colours because why shouldn’t you have the wedding day you envisioned?  Guests may have their opinions to start with, but do what you want to do! I’m all for breaking the rules when it comes to weddings, so why not create your own?

Couples have watched their ‘should be wedding day’ pass by, trying to find special ways to celebrate their day! I have seen some amazing and creative ideas, which have helped to make the day special.  But please remember, your original wedding date will never be forgotten.  It will always be a day that has a meaning for you.

2020 – 2021 WEDDINGS

Whilst there seems to be some uncertainty surrounding the possible restrictions in 2020 and 2021, there is also a lot of hope, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t come with its own challenges.  Guests have even started expressing their feelings that they don’t want to attend because of safety or that they feel everything is being booked too far in advance. Wedding insurance is impossible to find, but with suppliers in large demand for 2021, there is a pressure to book.

As a 2021 bride, I can relate to other brides in the same situation.  With the fear of losing the suppliers,  brides or grooms have had to make the decision whether they take the risk and book ASAP, or they lose the deposits they’ve paid and postpone their wedding.  It is worth mentioning that it is currently considered a choice if you move your 2021 wedding, so normal contract conditions apply.


Weddings abroad have caused their own challenges, some of which I don’t really understand. As if it isn’t enough of a struggle organising a wedding abroad, now with so many restrictions, it’s even more complicated.  Depending on the country, families are made to do a test a couple of days before leaving for their wedding. In some circumstances, they must isolate for two weeks upon arrival and then isolate for 2 weeks when they return.  The question is how do you get the time off work for that? There have been restrictions on dancing, hugging, kissing, and using certain facilities.  This is supposed to be a happy time for couples, it feels as though the ability to celebrate has been sucked out of everything.


Well, haven’t couples have been getting creative, celebrating their hen and stag dos in lockdown? Zoom has become our new normal to connect with family and friends.  Instead of holidays abroad or big nights out, it seems that its become fun nights in with drinking games and quizzes, through Zoom of course.  As everybody eases out of lockdown, it seems a lot of friends and families are making the most of their home countries, by choosing staycations instead of holidaying abroad.


From what I have seen on Instagram, the majority of suppliers have been extremely supportive, sharing tips on how to remove the personalised dates on the products they have made, offering discounts and freebies for couples, who have had to postpone.   There has been a real sense of community over these tough times, and I think that speaks volumes.

It is important to remember that Covid has had a huge impact on businesses in the wedding industry.  We need to do whatever we can to support them in the same way they have supported brides and grooms.  Some suppliers have started creating beautiful and bespoke masks for the wedding dress experience and for weddings too.  If masks do have to become the new normal for the time being, they might as well look beautiful.   I have spoken to a few suppliers that have expressed their concerns about couples not booking for future weddings as there is anticipation about what these weddings will be like.  I don’t know how we can overcome this other than keep supporting and keep sharing.


Post-Covid, I think a lot more couples will use wedding planners to alleviate a lot of stress.  With a lot of families hit financially, I imagine DIY will be more popular, which comes with its own challenges.  Some things look good but others can be a disaster, therefore, costing more money and time.  We also need to remember how DIY could affect smaller businesses.

There is definitely more appreciation for the family.  I really feel that no matter the size of the wedding,  we will all be able to appreciate the smaller things in life and enjoy spending our time with family.  Weddings may have to be smaller but, but small doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  There are so many ideas on how to embrace this.  For those of you who choose a smaller wedding isn’t for you, I fully understand.  I honestly believe things will improve throughout the world, and weddings will be a time for large celebrations again.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


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