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A Guide On Choosing Your Wedding Budget

Hi, @budgetbride2021 here, I thought I would have a quick chat about the dreaded ‘wedding budget’. We all have different priorities and commitments in our lives, so it is important that we choose the right amount for us. Hopefully, this will help guide you through those first steps of choosing your budget for the wedding.



After legal costs, you can spend however much you are prepared to pay, but the budget may impact the type of wedding you have.  If you want a big family celebration with lots of entertainment, be prepared it could cost more than a small, intimate wedding. Every couple should discuss what they expect from the wedding, and what will be included in the budget, such as, a minimoon, honeymoon, or both. We decided to budget for these separately.



Some of you may already have savings that you would like to add to the cost of your wedding day. Now is the time to get to grips with exactly what you can afford to put by each week or month. You will need to work out your expected incomings versus your expected outgoings, in the lead up to the wedding. Remember to factor in any events that could impact your saving, such as Christmas and holidays. Most payments may need to be paid about a month before the wedding so I personally wouldn’t include that final month, just in case. I would recommend not pushing yourself to the limit if things run over budget, it is good to know you have a little extra if you need it.


Some couples may be lucky enough to have family or friends offer contributions. It may be that they offer to pay for a part of the wedding, like the venue, food, transport, or dress. Remember, if somebody is contributing, they may want an opinion on how their money is being spent. Before you accept, make sure you know how much involvement they would want in planning the wedding.


So, a loan isn’t for everyone, but it may be the way forward for those couples who dream of having a wedding beyond what they can save, just make sure you can afford the repayments. There will be different reasons couples choose a loan; there may be time restraints, or the monthly repayments could be less than you would save each month. Remember you will still be paying for your wedding once it has passed, you will also pay back more than the wedding cost, with interest.



When choosing a wedding budget, you will need to know how long you intend to be engaged.  For most of you, it won’t matter how long your engagement is, so it is OK if you need longer to save for your wedding, that is OK.  Choose a time frame that works for you.


Now you have an idea of what you can spend, you can start enjoying the fun parts of planning!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog!


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