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My Top 5 Tips To Start The Wedding Process

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement!

I imagine that you have shared your wonderful news with loved ones, but now what? Here’s my top 5 tips to start the wedding process.

I found it very useful talking to my partner about how we imagined our wedding to be.  OK so he wasn’t very helpful, however I realised he really didn’t want many traditions, like a first dance or speeches.  We decided a small wedding was the best thing for us. 

These chats helped us, well me, prioritize certain elements of the wedding and stay focused throughout the process.  The AislebBeautiful wedding tracker can help you with every stage of the planning process.  Loved ones may want to contribute to your day, so it may be useful including them in some early discussions.


A little boring, I know, but so important!  I tried to miss this step at the start.  I didn’t want to face facts about what I could afford. Once I did, I realised that an amazing wedding is achievable, even on a small budget, but you need to know what money you have to spend!

Spreadsheets have become my best friend and I am sure they will be yours too!  I constantly refer to them, so it helps to make them easily accessible.  I have downloaded Excel on my phone; I know I always have the main budget sheet with me.


With so many amazing ideas on places like Pinterest, mood boards will help you to create a theme or colour scheme, without being easily side-tracked by new trends.  Your boards can be passed onto your wedding planner or stylist to assist them in creating your vision for the day.   

My step mum and my partners mum will use these mood boards to independently choose an outfit that compliments the ‘Country Garden’ theme of the wedding.  I am confident that they will not clash with the bridal party.


It’s useful having an idea of who you would like to invite.  The guestlist will have an impact on your budget, location, and venue. For some families, like mine, a wedding with just close family and friends is still big.  They can add up quickly.  With only close friends and family, no children or plus ones, we reached 48 guests between us.

We chose the bridesmaids and groomsmen from our list.  Nothing is definite during this part of the process, but I found it helpful having an idea of numbers, when looking for our venue.


OK, so you may not be ready to pick a date yet, however, it may be a good idea to narrow it down to a year, season, month, or day!  Be open minded.  Certain dates in the calendar can save you money.

Although the theme may help you decide your season, remember there is no rule book to say you must have pumpkins in October, or fir trees at Christmas.  You can change the rules! It’s about what makes you both happy!


I hope you like the top 5 tips to start your wedding process.

Thanks for reading!


If you have any tips you would like to share, please leave a comment below!

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