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Why hire a Wedding Planner or Stylist?

Molly from @budgetbride2021 here, posting on behalf of Sophie and her wonderful business @aislebbeautiful.  I am so excited to be collaborating with her and having a guest post on her blog.  Join me every week to get the gossip on wedding advice, tips and tricks and discuss the latest trends.  So, I thought I would begin this exciting journey with ‘Why to hire a wedding stylist and planner.’

I am pretty sure we are all guilty of scrolling through Pinterest, filling our minds with wonderful ideas about how we want everything to look.  OK so now we have a few ideas, where do we begin putting these things together? Even in what looks like a simple feature, there has been so much attention in the finer details and placement of everything within that photo.  It takes an incredible amount of time, style, and focus, to create those beautiful designs.  A wedding stylist will be able to do this.  You can chat about your vision with them, share images and ideas, and leave it in their capable hands to create a beautiful and unique space that will bring your wedding to life.  What’s more, no rushing to the venue to decorate at 6am on the morning of your wedding.  You can fully immerse yourself into the calming motions of getting ready with your bridesmaids or groomsmen.

When I first became engaged, I was under the impression that only financially wealthy couples had a wedding planner, however this is not the case.  Wedding planners, like Sophie, offer a variety of options for couples with different budgets, helping to guide them through the process.  Many of us have made mistakes when planning our wedding, me included. These mistakes usually cost money and must come off the overall budget.  With relevant contacts in the industry, wedding planners are usually offered discounts and have knowledge about trusted vendors and suppliers, saving a large amount of time and money.  Quite often they will have a backup option waiting, just in case!

There are many aspects to a wedding, and take it from somebody who knows, it all seems very fun and exciting at the start, but it isn’t long until the stress creeps in.   I am lucky enough to have a Maid of Honour within the events industry; without her advice along the way, I would probably be curled up in a corner crying somewhere.  Ok so maybe this is a little dramatic, however wouldn’t it be nice to have a friend that you can ask for advice or hand over some, if not all, responsibility of the wedding to? This is where a wedding planner shines.  Even with my Maid of Honour, I wouldn’t feel comfortable delegating challenging tasks because she is busy working.  This is where a wedding planner would be able to step in, listen and take on those tasks. 

There is an assumption that wedding planning should be stressful. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who has thought “Should we just elope?” at times.  I usually ask myself this when everything has got a little bit too overwhelming and it feels like money is spiralling out of control, however isn’t it a shame to feel this way?  Believe it or not, weddings can be stress-free too, with a little bit of guidance.

Hiring a Wedding Stylist and Planner does not have to mean you cannot have any of the fun factors of planning a wedding.  A good planner will be able to work with you and be as involved as you would like them to be.  Remember, your wedding is about what you two want!  Imagine the combined power of a wedding planner and Stylist supporting you on your wedding day.  They will always make sure they have your best interests at the forefront of any decisions they make, giving you the time to focus on enjoying your engagement celebrations, each other, and your families as well as giving you that special day you imagine.

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Catch me next week for more, Molly x


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