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SO, I have a lot of brides who need help and assistance with planning their big day from all over the world !

They need my help, but they are not sure what I can do for them!

I had a brainstorming session to figure out how I can help brides that need some expert advice and industry knowledge.

I went back to basics and relived the planning process of my own wedding. I had every wedding planner book imaginable and whilst they all had a good premise, NONE had information that truly mattered to me (the bride). I was having to swap between books to document all the information I needed and when I owned 10 books and STILL no information, I didn’t already know, I was overwhelmed and done.

That’s when I created the wedding tracker Ebook, It includes everything i have learnt whilst planning our own wedding, but also includes tips and advice from knowledge gained from my Wedding Academy course.

Click here to get yours now:

In addition to this, I want to create a service where I can custom create packages for brides based on the assistance they require. For example, it may be that you need information on how much alcohol to provide, a design for the wedding styling (colour scheme, flower design, table design, stationary etc) and maybe a supplier research file. This would look something like the below;

Here, i have created a custom package to go through my ideas , expert knowledge and industry led research to provide the bride everything she needs to complete the parts of the process she struggles with.

Here is the beginnings of an example package. It’s beautiful, full of information, visuals, advice, and tips.

Each package will be FULLY researched, no matter your location in the world. I will put in my time and effort to contact suppliers, experts in chosen areas and industry leaders to ensure that you have the best of the best at your wedding.

As previously mentioned, this is YOUR wedding so you call the shots ! Each package is customized by you. You decide what you need help with; if you want to add or swap up projects along the way, we can work that out together.

I love what I do and I’d love to help you achieve all your dreams on your big day!!

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