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Who am i ?

Well, there’s a question!

I am Sophie West, your new best friend. I am the owner of AislebBeautiful and student of The Wedding Academy. I am studying Wedding Planning, Styling, and Design. My goal is to be a wedding planner with a difference!

I was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom. We are very well known for being stingy with our money. Tick for budget controlling!

I knew from a very young age that I wanted to travel the world, and after meeting my soulmate, we did just that before settling in New Zealand. Tick for experience with different cultures!

I studied Interior Design and got my Ba Hons at university. Tick for creative mind!

I have worked in the customer service industry for ten years and have worked my way up to manager. Tick for customer service, event planning, and event flow design!

Luke and i were engaged in Orlando in June 2018 and because of our family being back in the UK, I grew up in Spain and loved it! My father still lives there and I would spend all my school holidays there as a child. So once Luke and I met, I had to take him! He loved it too. So much so that once we were engaged, he asked me if we could have the wedding in Spain.

Spain is a country full of romance, beauty and tradition. Altea (where I grew up for many years) is just magical. The Old Town streets are crooked and so thin, they barely fit any cars. The houses are all white with colourful plants dangling from their Juliette balconies. They have old wooden doors that look like they’ve been stolen from a barn. All adorned with beautiful iron work. Their culture is laid back, their landscape is mountainous and the ocean is deep and vast. Altea is loacted right on the seafront but the Old Town is up on the hill. At the top of the hill is THE most beautiful church, Parroquia De Nuestra Señora Del Consuelo. It has the most beautiful blue dome roof and the streets surrounding the church are beautiful. The Old town square is romantic in itself without the need for any decoration and the sense of community here is abundant.

We wanted to share all this with our family and friends. We wanted to share the story of Spain, my story of growth there and how Luke and I shared this amazing country and our love for it. We feel that Spain was the ideal location for our wedding and we wanted our family and friends to witness it’s charm and character to help tell our story.

Becoming avid travelers was next for Luke and I. After first large around the world trip. We fell for New Zealand. We again, loved their culture, their landscape and the totally opposite way of life to the Brits! So we now live in New Zealand and have done for 3 years, We are really enjoying our journey here. We have adapted to the slower paced life, the great outdoors and the even more laid back culture.

So because of laws and family politics, we are having three weddings. Tick for being completely insane, but incredibly organised!

So as a non resident of Spain, we cannot legally get married there. We can in New Zealand but we knew family wouldn’t travel so far. That’s when we decided to have a bit of fun in Vegas and do the legal bit there.

COVID19 ruined the world, but also our wedding plans. So not only did I organize three weddings, but had to reschedule them for 2021. Tick for coping under immense stress and pressure!

We have lived in New Zealand for three years now, and we are presently loving it. It’s a huge change to what we are used to but we’ve adapted well. Tick for taking on new challenges!

I love walks on the beaches, food, being creative, and dogs of any variety. We are actually part-time dog sitters; another tick, as we are easily adaptable and flexible! I own two small businesses: one is homemade crafts and the other is nutritional health.

I think i have a great sense of humour, I’m very sarcastic and straight to the point; in a good way though, I promise! I describe my service as being your best friend because that is exactly the kind of service you would receive from myself. I’m going to be there in the best of times and when they are rough. I’ll tell you if I think you’re overdoing something, or if you’ve overlooked something, or even if you don’t suit that dress!

I want to be your point of contact for anything. I want this because it’s what I wanted for my wedding, I wanted someone to be invested just as much as me. The truth is, no one cares as much as you do. It’s not their wedding and unless they’re getting paid to help you, then you’re not at top of their priority list. BUT I AM. I’m going to be just as enthusiastic as you, if not more! That is precisely why your wedding is going to be the best one yet. Just imagine if you could double yourself, how great would that be? You’d know exactly what you want, how you want it etc.

Using my method throughout the whole process, i will become the extended version of you (your best friend) and together we will create your dream.

Sophie West , CEO of AisleBbeautiful

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