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Why wedding Planning?

Once we were engaged, we wanted to tie the knot. Seems sensible right?

Well that was all well and good, but for someone who had dreamed of this most of their life but who also loves organisation and being proactive, Which planner was going to put up with me ?

I had contacted a couple of planners (bear in mind that our wedding is in Spain and we live in New Zealand), i knew I couldn’t do this all on my own and I needed help.

I needed someone who was going to let me have an input but would do all the hard work and keeping everyone in line!

A couple of planners I contacted only had packages; therefore I could only choose from their options, and a couple thought they knew best and wouldn’t let me have our choice.

Enough was enough; wasn’t wedding planning supposed to be fun? Wasn’t it supposed to be about what Luke and I wanted? What were we paying them for, if it wasn’t really our day but theirs?

Eventually i found a planner that got it; she got me, she got Luke, she got us!! She understood.

Obviously I had bitched and moaned to anyone that would listen about the horror of choosing a planner. But now I’d found the one right for us.

Friends grabbed me, shook me and told me, “Don’t you see? This is your calling, This is what you do best!”

And its true. I love to be organised , i love to make people happy ( a long history of working in hospo ensured that). I enjoy delegating and giving the best service possible. I have also worked as a manger for many years.

So that’s why I hopped on the Googlings and searched up the best academy for it, The Wedding Academy (aptly named!) and bought my ticket to my dream job.

So there you have it: that’s my why. I am studying for a diploma in Wedding planning, Styling, and Design because I enjoy making people happy. And what’s better than helping them to commit to the love of their life?

All together now……..nawwwwwww

Read my next blog post to find out why i chose Aislebbeautiful!

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