Short hair, don’t care

Of all the places I’ve ever done gongfu tea, my very favorite is my uncle’s living room. A true tea connoisseur, he took a personal interest in educating me and my American partner about tea during our last visit to my hometown of Fuzhou. And then again, I am ruining the Tea Road by being […]

Long walks and beautiful souls

No more than three colors, when learning the color blocking collocation, you must stick to the no more than three colors in the whole look rules. It mostly indicate the bright degree in the colors, various different colors fashion item, not including the black, grey and white colors collocation.There’s a certain aesthetic that we refer […]

Break fast or brunch later

Four fawns stood in the street over the creek in our subdivision as I was driving out for a beer yesterday evening. Four. I’m told it’s unusual to see four fawns together, all skinny stilts and big ears and spots and not yet savvy about things like streets. Fawns and such have been a relief […]

Leather, silver, pottery, and textiles

Learning the art of the barter starts with having a sense of humor. You need to go in with a smile and speak of outrageous prices — even try to sell your (girl)friends in exchange for a negotiated number of handwoven rugs.

Letting it all out

I‘m a firm believer that how your day goes depends on how you choose to start it. The days I’ve gotten up late and eaten a junky breakfast, my day is usually sluggish and a bit depressing.

Walk on rainbow sunshine

As a teenager, Rechtshaid set up a small studio in his parents’ garage, and started recording and producing friends’ bands. One of his first public releases was by the rapper Murs, a friend from high school.